At Axon, quality is an insurmountable spirit. A multi-point system has been created based on In-House Standards where products undergo eagle-eye inspection at every stage of manufacture. Medicines are checked for maximum potency with the help of sophisticated testing instruments.

Based on field trials and interactions with the marketing staff, changes are effected in order to create the ultimately perfect product. Data is procured from external sources and analyzed with a view to evolving a wider product spectrum that draws the organisatoin closer to its corporate objectives.

Maintenance of plant and machinery are of paramount importance. The environment is sanitised to eliminate all possible sources of contamination. All factory personnel have been trained to handle processes in the most hygienic manner and are carefully monitored to ensure strict conformity.

Packaging has always been given extra attention at Axon. Special care is taken to satisfy each and every customerís expectations, with no perceptible deviation. After all, whatís inside is only a reflection of whatís outside.